Sunday, 31 March 2013


Last stop of the day: the legendary Harrods Food Hall! We found macaroons too! A very happy day!


a squash and a squeeze

We love having our bath together though.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Isabel the geologist

I found marble and flint!

our hotel stay

It had been a while since we stayed at a hotel and I was most excited.
All bathed and ready for bed.

Sea Life

A visit to London's aquarium proved to be fun.

 Now that's a big fish!

in good spirit

We were very happy despite the freezing weather. We had a wicked time at a playground we spotted on the London Eye.

The London Eye

It was the highlight of our trip!


Our first trip to London began with a curry at all places but the Bombay Brasserie.  What a treat!
 Then we went on the tube like proper Londoners.
 It was mommy and daddy's first time at the touristy spots too.
 I was cheery but JM decided to act up, as usual.
 The perfect postcard shot!

at our favourite pub

A much welcomed warm lunch at our favourite pub after our hike on Haytor.

 Fish and chips!!  My favourite! JM liked chips better.

polar condition!

It's freezing here and we were crazy enough to go to Haytor.  I was more than excited when we found icicles!
 Look at the size of that!

braving it

We arrived first thing in the morning and we went down for a nap. I was feeling very groggy when I got woken up but I was brave enough  to venture out for a drive.  We got some very nice chips to lift the spirits!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter vacation!

Another long flight. This time we took a red-eye. It worked out OK, we got a few hours of sleep each and then it was play time!

We finally made it there and we all crashed in the car.  How come we never sleep so well on planes?

more new dresses

It's like a fashion show everyday for us when we go to school.  It's good to be young!

mommy on our school bus!

egg hunt

We had to keep our eyes shut for 10 seconds so Easter bunny could go hide the eggs.
I don't think Easter bunny was very good at hiding eggs!
Look what I found!