Tuesday, 25 August 2015

cool cats

Another day, another cool hairdo!

cat princess

Dressing up is always fun!

movie date

We went to see Inside Out.  All 10 of us.  Brave mommies.  And we went out for dinner after.  The best date!

business as usual

Jessica joined me on the school bus the second day.  Cool cats.

first day of school

First day of school in Grade 2!


Orientation Day.  I decided to give rock climbing a try again.  I think I will join half-term this year.
My new classroom.  So excited!

middle bay

Another quick swim before dinner time.

happy birthday Eve!

Morning ferry to DB to get to Eve's party.
We met up with the girls at the ferry.
The party kicked off with a game of bowling.
It was followed by pizza at the party.
Happy birthday Eve!  Great party!

Saturday lunch in Central

Ella was so jet-lagged.
Mommy and Daddy wanted something spicy and we decided to have a curry.  Nan bread was the most popular dish for us!

And of course we had to all dress up for the occasion.  Cute!

goodbye summer!

Time to head back to HK as school was starting in a few days!

Jessica Duck

Jessica found us again and we got her some bread.
What a cutie pie.

One of the peacocks wanted food too.

English beach holiday

A little wet at Ness Cove.  I guess it could have been worse.
Rock-pooling with Millie.
I found a big fish and some prawns.
We had ice cream and headed straight to the stable.  We missed our ponies.
On Lady the pony.
Ella had a brief ride on Millie with Jessica.
We started jumping too. Mommy and Daddy were proud.

Combe House

Our first proper 3-course lunch at Combe House.  I felt quite grown up.
We gobbled up the amuse-bouches in no time!

We were quite civilised in the dinning room.
Ella ate most of the petits fours!

pirate ship

Daddy had started building the second half of the pirate ship and we were all very happy to help.

Jessica was a great painter.


Tusker is such a gentle giant these days. We love him!

dinner time

Some hungry birds!

Mickey Mouse

We spotted Mickey Mouse in the courtyard and gave him some cheese.  He seemed a bit drowsy and mommy wouldn't tell us why.  

a joint-party bash!

Daddy and I had a joint birthday party and my BFF Eve, Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Alan and Aunty Anne all came to celebrate with us.  
 I changed into my party dress.
 Two princesses!
 Ella got her tutu on for the occasion too.
 A big thank you to Grandma for my wonderful cake.
 Ella was most excited over the cake!
 Jessica duck heard us and came to visit.
 She's our favourite duck!
Happy Birthday Daddy!

 We took a talk through the field next to us and ran into a badger.  A bit worried about our ducks!