Friday, 27 July 2012

sushi time!

We went out for dinner and for once I did not say I wanted to go To Ding Tai Fung.  I was happy to go and have sushi instead!  My favourite is cucumber sushi.
We had a ball in our private booth.
We liked edamame very much.

It was all very sophisticated.

the next day

We were still coming down from the sugar rush.

it's pressie time!

JM and I both got presents.  We love birthdays!
 I got a second cake!
 Thank you Auntie Anne for y beautiful princess outfit.
 Not sure why I was sulking there.
 I was happy again very quickly.
 And thank you Gong Gong for my pirate shirt.  How did he know I wanted to be a pirate?

I'm 4!!!

I waited patiently for my cake.  I had asked for a mermaid cake for the longest time and I wonder if mommy would get it one?
 OMG my cake!  A mermaid cake!!!
We couldn't take our eyes off it!  If Ella could see she would have been impressed too.
Say cheese!

 I loved my birthday song.
 And of course I love blowing candles.
 I got to do it twice!
 We liked smoke.

My cake was a bit tricky to cut.
 I wanted to eat the mermaid's boobies.  Why is it funny?  Ella does it all the time?!
 The cake was rather sweet.
Gong Gong liked the icing also.
 Happy faces.

My next birthday Ella would be able to share some cake.

Shanghai Expo

At last we made it to the Expo site.  Mommy and daddy never took us because of the long queues.  Glad there are a number of displays which became permanent. 

 We decided to check out the Saudi Arabia venue. I was most impressed with the 360 degree movie display.  When I grow up I want to go to Saudi Arabia!
 JM started acting up because of the heat.
 On the roof.  Nice view!

our favourite place in SH

It was probably our last visit to our favourite park in Shanghai.  It's getting too hot already.
We tried bumpy car for the first time.  It was the coolest thing even though I didn't get to drive.
Our all-time favourite.

we love bubbles!