Monday, 31 August 2009

Brooke's birthday, pt.1

Brooke, having her lunch and looking slightly uncomfortable with her birthday tiara.
Meanwhile the rest of us got to chill at the play area. I decided I'd like a beanbag chair.
Watching Ice Age with daddy.
Brooke with her mommy and daddy.
Katie in her party frock.
My first formal meal. Look at all the napkins!
I loved french fries but daddy would only let me have two.
Brooke had to do this traditional Korean thing where she was to pick an object from the pile and it's supposed to predict her future career. She picked a golf ball - way to go Brooke! I wanted the credit card myself.

Brooke decked out in her traditional outfit. I wanted one too!
Group shot.
Cake cutting. One day we will understand the meaning of birthday cakes and be less confused.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

all dolled up...

..and ready to go to Brooke's birthday party!

my 80s do

My 80s side-swept. According to mommy I can pull anything off.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


Kyrene's birthday

Kyrene's birthday back in the beginning of August.
We c;early had no idea what was going on.
Then everything changed when we got to have some birthday cake.
I loved chocolate cake!

Leah's birthday

Another weekend, another birthday party! Look at us all decked out in our party dresses.
Crouching Eve. Hidden Chi Beis.
I guess now that the tribe has spoken, I am growing my hair longer for now.
Katie, being her usual quiet self.
Eve's started to walk also. Yeah!
I bet she can't multi-mask like I do though.
I wonder if Leah made a birthday wish.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Now that I am walking with shoes on I get to go to the playground a few times a week. My favourite at the moment is the dolphin swing.

I do get motion sickness after a while as I usually looking around too much.

lunch date with daddy

Just checking to see if there were stars. Stars is my favourite word at the moment.
Despite the look on my face I was actually very keen on egg fried rice. Perhaps it's the novelty.

new shoes

Walking with new shoes. Take 1.

Take 2. Much better at it!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

daddy is back!

Thursday. 9:30am. I was in playpen with mommy. Suddenly a knock on the door and daddy came walking in the room!!!
I missed him so much.

I love you daddy.

my music class

Brooke showing off her chu beis.
At the library.
I have yet to work out how to climb up stairs.
Flirting with a potential bf.
I loved being dragged around the room in a drum.

little sweet cherry

Another girlie dress for me.
I could do without the leggings but mommy said since I fall ever so often it's good to have something to protect my chu knees.