Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Daddy, Gong Gong and friends were going on a helicopter trip!
We got to go to the helipad to have a look.  
We then went back to the departure lounge, which is pretty cool as well.

We could hear the chopper blades!  Let's spot it!
 Flight time was 30 mins.  Luckily we had our favourite scratchy pads.
We drew helicopters! 

Daddy took some cool photos.  Maybe next time we can go along.
Great dim sum lunch after.
 Cool view from the restaurant too.
Good to catch up with Auntie B and Matt.
 It was a nice day!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

ice skating

We went to the ice skating rink back in mid-May instead of the beach because of the thunderstorm warning.  Come to think of it the whole of May has been pretty wet.  Hopefully it's all going to change in June.
Jessica can pretty much skate on her own now.  Well done Jessica!

 Ella was a bit whiny.  Poor thing had to wait for us.

I was trying to incorporate my ballet moves into my skiing.  Clever!

Ella is 3!

Ella's 3rd party!  Click here for more.

Girl Scout year-end party

It was our last Daisy meeting.  We are going to be Brownies next fall!
We played Girl Scout Bingo.

We made a photo album.

Musical nails.  It was a disaster.

We even did a little karaoke!

We had pizza, and followed by our Girl Scout cake.  It was yummy!
We also changed into our PJs in preparation of our sleep under.
Movie time after dinner.  We watched Annie.
It was a sleep under as supposed to a sleep over, as we got picked up after the movie.  It was fun nonetheless!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jessica's year-end concert

I'm happy that mommy came to get to to watch Jessica's year-end concert.  We are all very proud of her! See more pictures here.

Monday, 1 June 2015

family portrait

Not sure what happened to Daddy! :-)

beach time!

We finally got a sunny day and we were off to the beach.  Ella is a good little helper these days.
Sand play is always fun. 

 Nice and cool in the water for Jessica.

 My favourite tree.

Time to go home.  What a nice afternoon.