Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Father Daughter Ball

Daddy came to pick me up from my ballet rehearsal to go to the ball.  It was my first ever ball with Daddy.
The ball happened to be at the American Club, where Mommy and Daddy had their wedding reception.  It brought back memories, mommy said.
We played a few games.
My dress was surprisingly flexible.

I had loads of cookies, and we danced to Katy Perry.  It's the best ball!  I love you Daddy!

ballet rehearsal

Our first dress rehearsal.  We are in a dance called Blue Birds.  Looking forward to the show!

Lai See opening time!

We had totally forgotten about our Lai See. Mommy is saving all the Lai See money for us.  

 Jessica was more interested in playdoh.  Check out her snail!

Monday, 20 April 2015

international day

We went to school with costumes representing our countries.
I also shared mini scotch eggs with my friends in class.
Jessica brought custard cream to her class.  Everyone loved our snacks!

at the airport

Checking in at Bali airport.  We were still full of beans.

Back to HK.  We asked for a playdate immediately but was told Hannah needed to go home.  Parents are so boring!

bye Bali

It was time to go home.  I signed the guestbook to say thank you.  Bye Bali!  Bye giant snail!

temple visit

We took a stroll down the temple across from our villa.  Black is so unique!
We found a shrine with offering from the locals.
We found out the site is holy and we were not supposed to be there.  Sorry!
We found a mommy cat and her kitten.  Mommy cat wasn't all too friendly.
We went down to the black-sand beach for one last time, as we were leaving the next morning.
Too bad Jessica didn't want to come.
Black sand is so strange, but cool.
We collected 2 bottles of sand to take home.
Isabel, Ella, Jessica, Daddy, Mommy, Hannah, Sophia, Laura, Sylwia, John, Eve, Charlotte, Claire, Bryce.  It's a long list!

Sunday, 19 April 2015


We battled through some crazy traffic to get to our snorkelling site Padangbai.
The trip took 2 hours but luckily Eve and I sat together.
 On the boat finally. Let's go!
 The ride to the snorkelling site only took 5 mins.

Yay!  We saw so many fish and even squid.  I love snorkelling!

another typical day in Bali

Enjoying the sunshine.
 Afternoon nap.
A dip in the pool with my friends.
And why not climb a tree.
Beautiful sunset.
 Fun bath.  No wonder we didn't want to go back to HK.


We decided to take a trip to Ubud to have a look and stopped by Monkey Forrest first.
 There were a number of temples in the sanctuary and monkeys everywhere.

 We loved the baby monkeys most.  They looked so cute!
 In Ubud town we found a Dairy Queen and got introduced to the world of Blizzards.

 Ubud was very busy and narrow.
And the sidewalk is very uneven.  We tripped all over the place.
 We got some tee shirts and dresses.  Interesting shops around town too.